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How Do Hot Tub Filters Keep Spa Water Clean

Having a hot tub is one way for homeowners in the cold northern states to stay warm in the winter. Hot tubs in CT, NY and NJ, for example, are a hassle-free way to relax at home after work or after shoveling snow off the driveway or even the roof. While they do require some maintenance, the routine is relatively simple. When it comes to filters, there are several different types. The frequency that filters are changed depends on the type of spa and the size and frequency of the system used.

What It Does
The primary purpose of hot tub filters is to keep water clean. Water runs through the filter where all of the fine particulates are trapped and prevented from circulating throughout the spa system. This prevents hair, skin, leaves and other debris from floating through the water indefinitely. The filter is usually changed when the spa water is changed. They may need to be cleaned more frequently, depending on the use and upkeep of the spa.
The complexity of the filters ranges from multiple layers to just a few. This affects the amount of time it takes to process all of the water in the spa and how clean the water becomes.

Filter cartridges are made of mesh materials. They trap the debris in the filter and prevent its circulation. Usually resembling a round cylinder with a hole in the middle, cartridges are made of polyester or ceramics. Specific sizes and types are required to coordinate with different brands and models of hot tubs. Each specific unit does not have to be made by the same manufacturer as the spa itself. There are many different types of compatible ones that can be used instead.

Microban Filters
Left undisturbed,

Sep 18

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training In India Rishikul Yogshala

Yoga, the age-old discipline for synchronized physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing that once originated in India has now become hugely popular all over the world. People from every nook and corner of the globe take special interest in it and want to know how to learn the technique or how to master the art by enrolling in a proper course. Yoga teacher training centers are located in many cities and countries across the world, but for the most authentic courses one has to head for India, where it had all begun. Rishikesh, Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Goa, Kerala are some of the places where one can find the best yoga TTC centers in India. Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Classes of several of yogic practices are here.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses, which are available in India are all aimed at providing education and consultation apart from teaching elaborate ‘asanas’ (yoga postures), meditation, ‘pranayama’ (breathing exercises), chanting mantras while practicing deep breathing, ‘kriyas’ (exercises to cleanse the body system from within), proper diet, yoga philosophy, and lessons from the Bhagavad Gita. The courses are extensively designed and cover all aspects of the ancient wellness technique. Our Yoga Teacher Training In India course has strong foundational, unique structure and systematically taught the various yogic progress to understand it physiological.

Yoga teacher training courses are available for both residential and non-residential students as thousands of foreigners come down to India every year only to learn yoga and meditation and not just for visiting landmark places of the country. Accordingly, the course durations are fixed to suit their requirements. There are courses of 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours durations depending on the inclusion of various relaxation techniques other than the mandatory yogic science and teaching methodology. Here is a generalized course

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Spa In Sharjah Offers Many Facilities

In case you are on a rejuvenation trip literally and otherwise, and would like a complete makeover, a spa is the place to achieve this end, for they offer a variety of holistic treatments and beauty packages. Enter the relaxing and sensuous precincts of a spa in Sharjah and after a careful evaluation of what treatment or beauty aids would best suit you, surrender yourself to the ministrations of expert therapists! It is always preferable to make advance bookings to ensure that you get the time of your choice. And then to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your appointment, to allow for a smooth check-in and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the facilities before your consultation.

Late arrivals will be subject to reduced appointment times, as clients cannot cut into appointments scheduled after theirs. A credit card number is required to secure your booking. Walk-in guests are welcome and are subject to availability of time slots and the availability of the requisite consultants and therapists. As far as the domain of health is concerned, usually in the segment for women, the following health concerns are addressed, apart from other things. These include corrective treatment within the purview of the spa specialists and therapists, for menopause, Osteoporosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, preconception, weight, heart, digestion, blood sugar etc.

For men prostate, heart, weight, blood sugar, digestion, etc are addressed. Blending integrative medicine and diagnostics with holistic therapies, the consultants and practitioners guide you towards inner and outer well being. Encapsulating a permutation/combination of three consultations, diagnostic tests, eight yoga classes and a therapeutic treatment to be completed within one months time these are long term programmes which should only be undertaken if you intend to complete them. Specifically focusing on everyday lifestyle concerns vital concerns of weight, diet,

Sep 15

Strategies To Transform Your Spa Reception Department

The Reception Department can make or break your spa or medi spa. Let’s start with the major mistakes spa owners or leaders make in regard to the reception department.

1. Management mistakes leaders make with the Reception Department .

Not having a receptionist – This is a sure way to kill your business. Believe it or not, we still hear that some people don’t have a receptionist.
Not having formal training for your receptionist or not having a Department Manual – this is a recipe for lack of consistency, and a disaster waiting to happen
Thinking all you need is someone to answer the phone – order takers instead of revenue generators. Yes, they will answer the phone, but how much money are you losing?
Not setting performance targets or expectations for the team – if you don’t measure, you can’t improve
Getting paid a flat hourly rate – no motivation to excel
Not focusing on sales – we have this phobia about selling, but guess what if you don’t sell, you won’t grow.
Not having an effective software program

2. Avoid missing revenue generating opportunities

I recently conducted a secret shopper spa assessment and I have to tell you, the spa receptionist totally missed the boat. It started with my assistant making the reservation.
They did not attempt to recommend multiple treatments to me.
When I checked in, they failed to recommend another treatment again.
When I checked out, they failed to ask for my next spa appointment. They did not discuss boutique items with me. They did not ask me to complete a guest comment card, nor did they ask for my testimonials

Sep 14

For A Gentle And Relaxing Massage Partridge Creek Tricho Salon And Spa

Like thousands of men and women all across the United States, many of the locals look forward to a weekly massage in Partridge Creek salon and spa of Tricho, and like generations before them, massage has been and is still one of the premier therapies associated with assisting healing from injury, releasing tension in muscles and clearing the body of toxins.

Massage is a relatively new concept in the United States, although the US is quite a modern concept in itself; massage was introduced by two New York physicians based on Per Henrik Ling’s techniques developed in Sweden, and started to become popular in the middle of the nineteenth century. It remained in the psyche but by the time of the 1940s it had declined somewhat in popularity, primarily due to the rapid rise and increase in medical advancement. It was to be a further thirty years or so before the popularity of massage and its benefits began to rise up again, thanks in no small way to nurses using it as an alternative therapy to ease pain and help bring about more restful sleep to their patients.

Evidence of massage has been found in archeological excavations both in drawings and writings, including but not limited to the great civilizations of Rome, Greece, India, Japan, China, Egypt and Mesopotamia to mention just a few. Indeed, massage in its many guises has been an essential element of medicine and treatment of the human condition for several thousand years. Indeed, as a therapy it has probably been practiced for far longer than written or recorder history is aware.

Massage therapy in all its forms and guises is basically manipulation of the soft tissue, the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and sinew and has been developed over centuries. Its primary function as

Sep 13

How To Give A Valentine’s Day Sensual Massage

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate by giving each other a sensual massage. Not only is this a wonderfully romantic act that will wow your special someone, but it’s inexpensive to do.

Item’s needed for the massage:
– Lotion or oil to massage with
– Quiet place to give the massage
– Music to relax too
– Scented candles to provide lighting and create a romantic atmosphere

Preparation for the massage:
– Prior to the massage, ask the massage receiver if they have favorite places they like massaged (such as scalp and neck) or don’t like massaged (ticklish feet).
– Another thing to look for is any bruises or broken skin. These areas should be avoided during the massage.
– For the person receiving the massage, if the massage is on a bed, have them lay face down with their head at the foot of the bed (reverse of normal sleeping position). One of the secrets to giving a great massage is being comfortable while doing it. By standing at the foot of the bed during a massage, you have easy and comfortable access to massaging the back and neck.
– The person receiving the massage should be disrobed at much as comfortably possible.
– Before starting the massage, turn off all phones and electronic gizmos.

Giving the massage:
– For most amateur massagers, the safest and most effective technique is effleurage. This technique is a broad, sliding stroke that is intensely relaxing. In addition, in the right environment it is very sensual. Effleurage is also the most commonly used stroke for Swedish massage.
– For great video examples of the effleurage technique and massage, search on YouTube. There are some great playlists demonstrating this technique. Massage is a great example

Sep 13

The Future Of Full Home Spa Bathroom Retreat Is Here.

The Future Of Full Home Spa Bathroom Retreat Is Here

Want the absolute best in home sauna and relaxation therapy technology? Look no further the future is here. The all new for 2010 Aqualusso range of steam showers. Integrating sleek design, top of the range features along with the latest technologies, Aqualusso has been the leading market seller for years. Now with their new complete 2010 range there has never been a more perfect time to invest in the fantastic home steam sauna world.


CONTROL PANEL: State of the art touch screen technology, true steam cabin environmental and temperature control and variable light and steam settings.

MOOD LIGHTING: Blue, florescent or white, which ever your preference. Main overhead light or back spot lights or both, simply select your desired settings from the control panel.

MONSOON SHOWER: Invigorating large overhead drencher ensures you’ll never go back to a regular old shower head again. Why have a stingily old fashioned head when a full body soaker is an option?

BODY JET: Top of the range technology, designed to relax and stimulate the muscles to increase circulation and easy the body into a state of euphoria.

POWERFUL 3KW STEAM GENERATOR: If you’ve ever been in a steam room at your local gym or spa then you’ll know just how relaxing a steam shower will be and the new energising feeling they give. A powerful yet cheap to run steam generator ensures you can have the very best steam sauna experience without even leaving your home.

FM RADION AND PHONE CONNECTION: Complete with full FM radio, powerful speaker and even a connection and built in microphone for a phone, you’ll never be away from what’s going on, that is unless you want to, and then simply turn them off from the

Sep 12

Signs Of A Fake Yoga Teacher Training Course

Choosing the best yoga teacher training can be rather difficult due to the options available. Today, people with even the slightest experience in yoga are offering training to cash in on the demand. When you begin your search, you should read widely and talk to as many people as you can to gain important information.

You can learn useful tips from those who have been in the yoga business for years. When you know what to look for, it will make your search for a program much easier. Following are signs that you should avoid a program.

They do not have a syllabus

It does not make much sense to enroll in a school where you do not know the courses on offer or how long they take. A syllabus will help you to find out the topics to be covered and you can use it to decide if the program is right for you. If the trainers do not have a syllabus, it is not a very good sign.

No lessons on anatomy

Trying to teach people how to move body parts without telling them what they are and how they function is not very effective. A good training course will include a study of the body in order to enhance knowledge and safety. It is important to learn the difference between the pelvic girdle and the pectoral girdle, or the sacrum and the lumber, if you intend to teach yoga.

No lessons on yoga philosophy

You cannot expect to know much about the physical part of yoga when you know nothing about the philosophy or where it comes from. Background knowledge is very important when learning any subject. When you know where the different sounds come from, you can say them

Sep 12

Best Office Massage Services in London

With the increasingly busy lives, and the immense amount of time that a professional spends in his/her workplace, it is only obvious for him/her to seek some kind of relaxation within the office premises itself. Owing to this need of the patrons, theleading massage provider in London proffers mobile massage therapists of one’s choice, right in his/her workplace. For such a massage, all that is required from the patron’s end is a secluded room with a bed, table or ample floor space, which is rather easily available in any office, located anywhere in London.

Depending on the taste of the clients and their needs, a wide array of massages is available to choose from. Some of the most sought after office massage’s are listed below:

1. The Aroma Therapy Massage:

This massage is an astounding amalgamation of the power of touch, with the soothing power of smell, and is a highly effective way of relaxation. This massage rejuvenates both, the body as well as the mind. It works wonders for stiff joints and tense muscles, thus proving to be a blessing for all London office goers.

2. The Back Massage:

Comprising of kneading, relaxing and rubbing the muscles and tissues, the back massage is nothing but a boon for all business executives. This massage has been specifically designed to soothe the lower back pain, which is usually quite persistent in people who have long sitting hours.

3. The Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage therapy focuses on aiding relaxation in the chronicle tense areas including the neck, lower back and shoulders, which is often found in people who have top work consistently on their laptops and desktops. Slow movements of hands, clubbed with deep strokes make this massage extremely relaxing.

4. The Indian Head Massage

This massage

Sep 11

Why Invest In Massage In Dubai

There are numerous reasons why you should be considering to invest in a Massage in Dubai, one of them being the fact that you do not have to go anywhere in order to benefit from this service. This means that once you decide that you want a massage, you will have to call the Dubai Massage Outcall company and ask them to send one of their therapists over to your hotel room or home. This way, you are going to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant massage without needing to invest any effort or time into this action. You just need to set aside enough time for the actual massage. No more dealing with time waste on the road, going to the spa and back.

Another interesting reason why you should be investing in a Massage in Dubai is the fact that it is a really efficient way of relaxing and relieving stress. After all, regardless if you are in Dubai for a business trip or live there, you are going to deal with stress daily. So, it would be a really good idea to look for a Dubai Massage Outcall company that can offer you professional services as soon as possible. Of course, if you would like to make sure that your favourite therapist is available, you will need to check the schedule or contact the company for more information. You will have to do this ahead of time so that you are able to make plans accordingly.

You can also wait until the last minute to make a booking, but this will not guarantee the fact that the specialist you prefer is available for a Massage in Dubai. Another reason why you have to contact a Dubai Massage Outcall office is the fact that you will be able

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