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Yoga Nidra Transcript – Accompany Your Practitioners In An Encounter Of Relaxation

Reading a yoga nidra script is a terrific means to help yogis calm down, fix damaging ways of being, and undergo a transforming meditative experience.

The perks of yoga nidra practice include a great feeling of quiet. It makes it feel like you’ve rested for hours.

Many yoga students are becoming more and more attracted to adding yoga nidra to their routine.

At this time the search for yoga nidra is swelling more quickly than the number of teachers who are qualified to direct it. For that reason, the majority of yoga teachers lean on furnished yoga nidra scripts that follow the correct methods.

It’s easy to steer a yoga nidra experience utilizing a prepared text, merely read it out loud at a slow pace and tranquilly.

Yoga nidra should follow an asana exercise befitting to those in attendance, or yoga nidra can be carried out all on its own.

A gentle yoga routine is in all likelihood the most of service before a yoga nidra practice. Yet if students are physically up to the challenge, surya namaskar would be the proper start.

Another valuable point is to give participants a candid guidance leading up to the yoga nidra – from time to time the images that come up during yoga nidra are not so pleasant. On the other hand this is a standard and anticipated outcome, and may support in releasing habitual ways of being.

By releasing samskaras, or unconscious and habitual ways of thinking, you will definitely make over your life with yoga nidra.

To help novices understand what yoga nidra is and what they should expect, it is essential to get a proven yoga nidra script.

Fortunately, more reputable yoga nidra scripts are at one’s disposal either as digital files or in book form than

Jul 25

Yoga – Contraindications For Inversions

As we practice yoga poses we want to do also inversions. Most common inversions are the Headstand and the Shoulderstand. But there are not only those two poses which are the inverted asanas.

Any posture in which the head is below the heart is called an inversion. Whether you stand on your head, bend forward or bend back, if your head is below your heart, you are performing an inversion.

This also means that Downward Facing Dog, Standing Forward Bend and Fish pose are also inversions; although those poses are mild in comparison to a Headstand. The Camel pose can also be an inversion if you bend back far enough.

Remember – inversions are not for everyone!

Your intentions should be clear when you perform any yoga posture. If the risks may outweigh the benefits there is no logical reason why you should practice any pose which can harm you.

Contraindications for practicing inversions:

If you have any of the following conditions, please omit inversions or work with a qualified and experienced teacher who will never put you at risk and tried to modify your practice.

Anyone who has high blood pressure, heart related problems, eye issues, neck problems, epilepsy, previous stroke or sinus problems should never practice Headstand or Shoulderstand, and omit other mild inversions or be adjusted by the yoga teacher.

During any stage of pregnancy yoga should be practiced in a prenatal yoga classes specifically designed for that purpose or privately with a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher.

During menstruation Headstand and Shoulderstand preferably should be omitted and other milder inversions should not be hold for long, but because of the controversy about the inversions during menstruation it is your personal choice. Let your body guide you.

If you are a

Jul 25

Day Spa Equipments- A Crucial Part Of The Spa Interiors

Day spa equipments are one of the pillars through which the spa generates business.

A spa whether big or small, specialized or not has to have salon equipments. Day spa equipments are undoubtedly one of the most important assets of the spa business without which the business cannot take place. The kind of equipments that you require will depend on the type of spa.

Spa equipments are a source through which the customers create an impression of the spa. It is obvious that if a person visits a spa having good quality of equipments then the person is sure to have a good impression of the spa. While choosing the equipments its importance should be kept in mind. However care should not only be maintained during purchase but also while placing it in the interiors. Following are some of the tips that you can follow in order to make sure that the equipments add to your interiors along with your business:

Equipments should be placed in an orderly manner:

Nothing can be more annoying than disorderly arrangement of equipments in a spa. While making the lay out plan of the spa proper planning should be made about the placement of high end spa equipments. With proper planning you will be able to get an idea of the equipments along with the right place for it in your spa.

Right equipments at the right places:

Placing wrong equipments in the wrong places will not only destroy the look of the equipment but will also kill the purpose of it altogether. What is the use of placing a rotational chair in a space where it cannot be rotated? It thwarts the purpose of the chair.

The color and design should blend well with the rest of the interiors:

Proper care should be

Jul 24

What you can expect from a spa

All of us are leading a fast paced and stressful life with very less personal peaceful time which causes often frustration and exhaustion. This is why a large number of people look out for various effective ways to calm and refresh their body, mind and senses. Some of them find comfort in recreational activities, some like to get involved in some sort of entertainment activities with loved ones to have fun and thrill in the leisure time, some prefer playing games of their interests and majority of people prefer to visit spas in Toronto as spas offer them exclusive rejuvenating experience. For those who want to get spiritual retreat and rejuvenation in the most soothing ambience, a spa is an ultimate destination.

Whether you are male or female, a spa is an ideal destination for you to get revitalized and to get away from hassles of life for spending some luxurious and pleasant time. A spa retreat not only makes you ease out from strain but also offers you various health benefits. Usually, a spa offers wide array of pampering services including body massages and facial and body treatments. However, body massage is the most demanding treatment that is performed at a competent spa by massage experts.

Spas are well-renowned for offering several health and psychological benefits too such as de-stressing, improved blood circulation, relaxation, etc. Facials performed at spas also help one get rid of dead skin and makes one get smoother and healthy skin.

Spa helps people to relax by providing them massage treatments which are helpful to improve blood circulation and control blood pressure. Circulation of blood throughout the body decreases the blood clots in body and eases out the nerves, hence, make you enable feel more energetic and healthier than before. However, some

Jul 24

Kundalini Yoga And Kriya Yoga Offer Amazing Health Benefits

Yoga is a perfect exercise to give you a complete workout for your full body. Thus, if you also want to gain strength, improve muscle tone and fitness, you need to adopt Kundalini yoga. It is found that the Kundalini Yoga is best for the whole body fitness because it gives dynamic movement towards strength and fitness It is true that the other yoga types are also very useful for the movement and flow of the body, but generally Kundalini yoga is a powerful exercise to strengthen and tone the whole body.

Theses exercises target the whole upper body, abs and stomach with your lower body and it will help you to tone your full body. On the other hand these exercises will give a small workout to your heart muscles also. It helps to achieve the whole body fitness while improving your digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system and immune system. It also increases your energy level, vitality and tones the abdominal muscles, shape our abs and stomach and gives us power and core strength. It tones our legs, chest, arms, abs, buttocks and shoulders and helps to develop our virility and sexual fitness.

To get the whole body fitness, this set of yoga utilizes a huge range of sequences and exercises. Kriya yoga is also a popular form of yoga that improves overall efficiency of our body. It is suggested that you should do yoga exercises as per the weaknesses and strengths of your body. If your abs is strong already, then abdominal exercises can be done, and if your legs are fit and strong already then froggies of Kundalini yoga can be done by you. If it is your first time to yoga or you are just going to start your program of fitness, do these exercises

Jul 21

Spa Resort In Malaysia Restores Wellness And Beauty

A unique spa resort in Malaysia, conceptualized innovatively on the holistic principle of wellness as well as physical and mental well-being, extends a warm welcome to visitors across the world, to come and experience its munificent hospitality! This wellness spa resort, where the concept of health is not merely confined to the innovative, effective and long lasting techniques of treatments, massages, beauty therapies, yoga and fitness at the exclusive spa, but extends to wellness and nourishment from even the food that you imbibe. Grown and nurtured in organic farms and gardens and free of pesticides, such organic fruits and vegetables are then crafted by master chefs into delicious and healthy culinary concoctions to titillate the tongue and get the gastronomic juices flowing!

This spa resort in Malaysia, with its melange of spacious, deliciously air-conditioned and elegantly furnished rooms and suites, offer you ample amenities which are an extension of the organic theme here, and pamper your body and mind effectively. From organic scented candles in the executive rooms and high-end suites to the organic teas and coffees placed in your rooms, to the organic snacks loaded in the mini-bar and the soft and caressing bed and bath linen with bathrobes and bed sheets made from pure organic cotton, you can have a feast of organic purity here. The plethora of in-room guest facilities here include, thoughtfully, many biodegradable amenities.

This exclusive wellness spa resort encompasses many wellness techniques and treatments designed to make you feel great, including the very comfortable beds. Some of these plush accommodation options offer specialty massage beds, which are completely equipped with soothing heating elements and the automated body scrub facility, suitably developed and designed for providing a treatment similar to using a soap brush. The vigorous body exfoliation helps to promote blood circulation and regenerates

Jul 21

Abu Dhabi’s Desert Islands Resort And Spa By Anantara Receives Green Globe Certification

The Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara in Abu Dhabi has been recognised for its environmental policies and achievements and has received the renowned Green Globe certification.

Situated on the Sir Bani Yas Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi, the upscale resort aims to provide eco-friendly Abu Dhabi holidays by reducing energy consumption, minimising the use of water and promoting the awareness of local culture and community to its guests.

We are actively engaged in our adherence to the Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism. This recognition highlights Anantaras sincere commitment to operating in an environmentally, socially, and culturally responsible manner, commented the General Manager at Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara, Christian Zunk.

Our yearly Guest Satisfaction Survey score remains well above the industry average and shows that our commitment to the environment and the service we provide exceeds guest expectations. Without restricting their comfort in any way, Anantaras environmental culture also extends to communication on sustainability issues with our guests.

Sink aerators and low-flow showers and toilets have been installed throughout the hotel and energy efficient lighting and a waste management programme is in place.

Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is located on the Arabian Gulf, 8km off the west coast of Abu Dhabi and offers a luxurious experience for tourists taking holidays to Abu Dhabi.

The five-star property is nestled within the grounds of a thriving nature reserve and during holidays in Abu Dhabi, guests can relax on the pristine beach, swim or snorkel in the warm ocean waters or the shoreline infinity swimming pool, and explore the vast area on nature and wildlife walks.

The resort is regarded as one of the most luxurious Abu Dhabi hotels with 64 elegant rooms and suites and a wide range of facilities

Jul 19

Yoga Teacher Training; the most Relaxing Way to Stay Fit

If you are after the most practical and professional Yoga Teacher Training which is readily available on the market then it can be rather a long winded and arduous process sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, when it comes to yoga teacher training. You have to make sure that yoga teacher training is taught by fully seasoned and skilled specialists who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise as shoddy, substandard yoga teacher training needs to be avoided at all costs. It is also important to note that yoga teacher training cannot be expensive as it is such a let- down when you end up paying over the odds for yoga teacher training which can be found for cheaper elsewhere. Yoga teacher training must also be customised and tailored to meet every preference and particular requirement as you have to avoid yoga teacher training which is somewhat limited in its appeal. When considering the most reputable and established source of yoga teacher training then there is no one better equipped than camyoga.co.uk. Our top notch yoga teacher training is so effective and competent and we make sure that all bases are covered and no stone is left unturned when it comes to yoga teacher training. We pride ourselves on our outstanding client care and customer focused attitude and always guarantee that you are the number one priority at all times. Yoga teacher training does not get better than this! Even the choosiest client will be completely swayed when they see how comprehensive and all-encompassing our first-rate yoga teacher training is. From the Yoga Diploma 200 and 500 through to pregnancy yoga teacher training; there is something for everyone! It does not matter if you are an inexperienced beginner or knowledgeable expert as yoga teacher training is so

Jul 18

Why a Day Spa Treatment – 6 Tips About a Day Spa

Never been to a day spa therapy? Then you’re missing plenty of benefits. This article will reveal 6 simple tips on why you should choose such a therapy and how you can find the best one to suit you and your couple, or just for yourself. And surprisingly, a day spa does suit a guy too.

With the rising popularity in day spa treatments, it is surprising that quite a number of people have never tried such a relaxing therapy. Whether you male or female, a Day Spa Retreat can be a wonderful experience. For sure, if you want to de-stress and escape from your busy schedule both at home and from work, then a day spa package can do many wonders.

Hence if you have never tried a day spa, here are a few tips you should consider –

1. A day Spa is not just for females. It is especially great for a couple wanting a romantic time together. For a male, if you aren’t into facials, skip it, and join her in a spa treatment and a massage therapy together. There’s nothing better than a quality time for couples. For pampering purposes, just spend a little extra and spoil your partner with a beauty treatment.

2. Day spas offer a variety of therapy services from a time at the Spa, remedial massage, Manicure and pedicure and to facial treatments. All these treatments can do wonders to help you relax and just get away from the real world.

3. Make sure a Day Spa Retreat has the license to operate and more importantly, have qualified therapists to treat you.

4. Before you choose a Day Spa in Melbourne or South Melbourne – read up on the companies. Best yet, find any customer feedbacks. Going online today

Jul 17

Jade Thermal MassagerProjectors (Nuga best, Ceragem & Yugalife)

Jade Thermal Massagers – Projectors & Beds

Ceragem, Nuga Best, Migun & Yugalife

Sai Alpha Immuno Therapy Centre is having various types of far infrared jade handheld, portable or automatic thermal machines which works the same as that of ceragem (rh, CGM P390, M3500) or nuga best thermal massagers (NM 300, NM2000 or NM4000) having 9 jade balls or 5 jade balls or even 3 jade balls. All these jade stone machines are based on far infrared heat, negative ions and natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 3 inches below the skin. Deep penetrating, far-infrared heat excite molecules to increase their energy. Increased energy excite body cells. These excited cells gives rise to the various benefits. Some of the common benefits apart from the specific disease removal are given below: Benefits of Jade Machines

1. Pain Relief :

far infrared heat stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains, thus relieving pain and reducing the time it takes to recover from an injury.

2. Reduces Stress and Fatigue :

far infrared heat reduces stress by loosening the muscles and relaxing the body. You’ll feel rejuvenated and renewed, restored in both body and mind.

3. Removes Harmful Toxins :

When toxins are present in our body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. The body’s immune system is inhibited, which makes it difficult for the body to fight disease. When far infrared heat is applied, the large water molecules in our bodies that contain toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, lead, mercury and chlorine vibrate and are broken down. The encapsulated toxic materials and gases

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